Potential Climatic Effects of Cirrus Contrails for the Subarctic Setting of Fairbanks, Alaska

Gerd Wendler, Martha Shulski, and Brian Hartmann
Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks Alaska 99775

Continuous all-sky camera images supported by direct visual observations of jet contrails have been carried out in Fairbanks since March 2000. These data together with FAA information of all commercial flights and the twice-daily radiosonde data, give the meteorological conditions at flight level under which contrails are formed. If we correct for daylight and clear sky conditions, which make contrail observations possible, winter has the maximum and summer the minimum in the occurrence of contrails.

2005, Theoretical and Applied Climatology, Vol 81, 149-159.
Funding was provided by the University Partnering for Operational Support (UPOS) initiative.